In Alabama, a driver has a 1 in 3 chance of being involved in a car crash involving an injury or fatality in their lifetime. That’s a sobering statistic, but perhaps not a surprising one if you’ve ever traveled U.S. Highway 431, also known as the “Highway to Hell.”
Highway 431 runs for 353 miles from the Alabama-Tennessee border, down to Dothan, Alabama and was named one of the most dangerous roads in the world by the World Health Organization in their 2013 “Global Status Report on Roads.” The road is particularly dangerous because of:

  • Poor visibility
  • Varying numbers of lanes
  • Turns and curves
  • High speeds
  • Intermingling with local traffic

While the “Highway to Hell” may be the most notorious Alabama road, it’s far from the only dangerous road in our state. Interstate 10, I-85, I-65, and I-20 in Alabama were all named to The Daily Beast’s Deadliest Highways, a list of the 100 most dangerous interstates in America.

Top Car Crash Causes

While some roads may be more dangerous than others, most car crashes in Alabama occur within 25 miles of home and involve other factors. The top ten causes of Alabama crashes in 2016 were:
1.Failing to yield the right of way (23,329 crashes) 2.Tailgating (22,756 crashes) 3.Misjudged stopping distance (14,578 crashes) 4.Improper lane change (11,975 crashes)
5.Unseen object, person, or vehicle (10,698 crashes) 6.Swerved to avoid a vehicle or object (7,310) 7.Speeding (7,229 crashes) 8.Failure to heed a sign, signal, or officer (5,815 crashes) 9.Driving under the influence (4,368 crashes) 10.Ran off the road (3,412 crashes)
According to the Centers for Disease Control, the best ways to decrease your risk for an auto accident are:

  • Always wear a seat belt.
  • Ensure that children are in the back seat and correctly fastened in an age, height, and weight appropriate child safety seat.
  • Never drive while impaired by drugs or alcohol, and don’t allow others to do so.
  • Follow the speed limit.
  • Don’t drive while distracted.

And if you need to drive the most dangerous roads in Alabama, be sure to drive safely.
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