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Worst Intersections in Nashville for Accidents

worst intersections in Nashville
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Nashville is the capital of and home to the Grand Old Opry, but like many large cities, it also includes some of the worst intersections for car and/or pedestrian accidents. According to a new study, there are several intersections noted for accidents involving motor vehicles and pedestrians in and around Nashville.

However, it ranked the intersection of Hickory Hollow Parkway and Mount View Road in Antioch the worst of all. It’s important to be aware of worst intersections in Nashville, so you can take added precautions when navigating these areas.

What Makes Intersections Dangerous?

Data from the study showed that despite the Hickory Hollow Parkway and Mount View Road having lower traffic volume than other intersections investigated, it had the highest crash rate and nearly double the injury rate. Of the top five worst intersections identified, three others were in Antioch. This included Bell Road and Murfreesboro Pike, which ranked third and was the location with the most injuries overall.

Numerous factors can cause an intersection to be more dangerous for motorists, but even more so for pedestrians, who are more likely to receive seriously injuries in a wreck. Problems with lighting, signage, crosswalks and poor visibility can lead to more accidents.

Driver errors like speeding, distracted driving and failing to yield the right of way to pedestrians can also add to the likelihood of an accident. Nashville Public Works has an ongoing list of projects to help improve several intersections around the city, but always take personal steps to ensure your safety.

Avoiding Accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic Administration, of the estimated 5,811,000 accidents throughout the U.S. in 2008, about 40% were intersection-related crashes. Whether you’re driving, walking or bicycling, it’s important you understand and follow the rules of the road. Motorists and pedestrians should always:

  • Avoid Distractions
  • Stay Alert
  • Obey All Traffic Laws

Congestion and unsafe driving practices are also big factors in accidents at worst intersections in Nashville. Illegal maneuvers performed by drivers can cause accidents, so avoid:

  • Turning left on red.
  • Turning right on red where prohibited.
  • Making U-turns where prohibited.

Pedestrians can also do their part in lowering the potential for an accident at intersections by following safe practices, including:

  • Always wait for the walk signal.
  • Never jaywalk or walk between stopped vehicles.
  • Look both ways before crossing, even when you have the walk signal.

Together drivers and pedestrians can help make intersections safer for everyone. Never make assumptions about what other drivers/pedestrians are going to do. Continually scan the roadway and always look both directions before proceeding into an intersection. Wait for a clear view of the intersection before entering and always respect others’ right of way.

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