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Worst Intersection for Accidents in Huntsville

dangerous intersections
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 Huntsville certainly has its fair share of dangerous intersections. The intersection of Jordan Lane and University Drive is especially dangerous. Countless fender benders and major accidents occur in this part of town due to tailgating, speeding, and generally heavy traffic. The result is a shocking number of Huntsville car and/or pedestrian accidents.

How to Avoid an Accident

If you drive through the Jordan Lane and University Drive intersection, you can reduce the odds of an accident by being proactive:

  • Pay attention to traffic ahead of you as well as around you by regularly checking your mirrors.
  • If you travel through busy intersections at rush hour, consider alternate routes that are less dangerous.
  • Do not text while driving.
  • Always maintain a safe distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you.
  • If someone is tailgating you, pull over to the side of the road so he can pass.
  • Use hands-free technology if you must take or make a phone call while driving,
  • Do not engage in passionate conversation with passengers or callers.
  • Avoid eating while driving.

Motorcyclist Killed at Jordan Lane and University Drive Intersection

Alex Gene Gaines lost his life this past year while riding his motorcycle near the intersection of Jordan Lane and University Drive. Witnesses report that Gaines, 43, weaved in between vehicles in a reckless manner before rear-ending a vehicle that was stopped at a red light on Jordan Lane. The impact of the collision propelled Gaines through the air, directly onto another vehicle that was also waiting at the red light. Gaines was taken by ambulance to Huntsville hospital where he perished as a result of his injuries.

The accident forced the closure of University Drive’s eastbound lanes for an extended period of time. The drivers of the vehicles that were rear-ended and damaged as a result of Gaines’ landing have every right to ally with a personal injury attorney. The powerful impact of a speeding motorcycle with a vehicle’s rear end frequently results in damage to the vehicle as well as driver whiplash. Victims of such accidents find it prudent to lean on the legal prowess of an auto accident attorney to obtain financial compensation for medical bills, lost time at work, vehicle damage, pain, suffering etc.

Avoid the Dangerous Intersections

Huntsville Car and/or Pedestrian Accidents Necessitate the Assistance of a Personal Injury Attorney. If you, or a loved one suffers any pain or property damage because of a car or pedestrian accident, trust in the legal professionals at Charles G. Pitman Attorneys at Law, LLC. Our legal team is here to fast-track your quest for justice. We can help you obtain compensation for medical bills, pain, suffering, lost wages and damage to your vehicle or other property. Give us a call at (256) 533-5000 to schedule a free consultation. We are available 24/7 to take your call.

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