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A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can have far-reaching effects on your life and cause tremendous stress to you and your family. Because the brain is the body’s control center, even a relatively minor injury can impact the way we move, think, feel, and communicate. Unfortunately, however, TBIs are also complex injuries that insurance companies struggle to value properly.

At Petro Accident & Injury Attorneys, we understand that every TBI victim is unique and deserves a personalized case evaluation. We’ve handled countless brain injury claims for individuals who were involved in car accidents and other traumatic events. Keep reading to learn more about how we handle TBI claims, and how a Birmingham AL traumatic brain injury lawyer may be able to help you recover compensation.

What Is a Traumatic Brain Injury?

TBIs cover a wide variety of conditions involving brain tissues and nerves. Some are open head injuries, where debris penetrates the skull or there is a fracture. Others are closed head injuries, where the body is subjected to violent forces and the brain suffers internal injuries. Most accidental TBIs occur during a car or motorcycle crash, fall, or during a sporting event. While there are many types of TBI, ranging from mild to moderate to severe, below are some of the most common:


The most common (and mild) form of brain injury, concussions occur when victims suffer a forceful hit to the head. Concussions can cause headaches, a brief loss of consciousness, confusion, blurred vision, slurred speech, and nausea, and fatigue. While these symptoms typically resolve quickly, many people develop post-concussion syndrome, which can last for months or even years.


These injuries occur when the brain violently hits the wall of your skull, and causes bruising and bleeding in the brain. Sometimes, the extensive swelling and fluid buildup can cause permanent brain damage. The most serious brain contusions require emergency surgery.


Coup-countrecoup injury is another closed head injury that occurs when the brain bounces repeatedly off the sides of the skull, causing widespread damage. Because many parts of the brain are damaged, the TBI victim may experience a broader range of symptoms than in a more focused injury.

Diffuse Axonal Injury (DAI)

Sometimes, trauma causes the sensitive nerves in your brains to stretch, rip, and break. This typically occurs when there is a sudden deceleration in movement, like in a car crash, fall, or physical assault. The nerve fibers, called axons, carry messages throughout our brain and body. The most serious DAIs cause comas and death. But even a mild DAI can cause profound changes in your brain’s function.

Penetrating Injury

An open head injury, a penetrating injury occurs when something breaks through the skull and enters the brain’s tissues. This may involve debris from a car accident, a bullet, knife, or other materials.

How Can I Tell If I Have a Traumatic Brain Injury?

While some TBIs are dramatic and obvious, many symptoms of brain injury can be subtle and difficult to detect. Sometimes, mild and even moderate TBIs go undiagnosed for weeks or even months. Depending on your type of injury and its severity, you may experience:

  • Attention and concentration deficits
  • Balance problems and dizziness
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Difficulty completing simple tasks
  • Fatigue and disrupted sleep
  • Impaired cognition and judgment
  • Memory loss, both short and long-term
  • Muscle weakness and decreased motor skills
  • Mood swings and personality changes
  • Problems choosing words and expressing yourself
  • Vision disturbances, including blurred or double vision

If you’re experiencing any of these issues after a traumatic event or accident, it’s crucial that you seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Even a seemingly mild injury could have long-term effects or cause you to develop serious disabilities.

Depending on your diagnosis, your doctors will suggest a treatment plan, which may include physical and occupational therapy, medications, multiple diagnostic tests, and even surgery.

Should I Consult With a Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer?

A TBI can be life-altering. You may be unable to return to your job, see and react to the world differently, and face mounting financial stresses. Many TBI victims are overwhelmed by their medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering. Their loved ones may also struggle with their changed relationships and the victim’s intense needs.

Before you accept an insurance company settlement, it’s always best to consult with an experienced attorney. TBI claims are highly complex, and insurance companies often try to undervalue claims or attempt to classify injuries as mild when they are in fact more serious. When you consult with a Birmingham AL traumatic brain injury lawyer, we can help you understand your legal rights and your claim value, while also considering both your current and future needs.

Speak With a Birmingham AL Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

At Petro Accident & Injury Attorneys, we offer traumatic brain injury victims and their loved ones free, no-risk consultations. We will listen to your story, ask important questions, and guide you through your legal options. We know that TBI victims have a lot to deal with, so we treat you with the patience and compassion you deserve. To request a free consultation, contact the experienced personal injury attorneys today.