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Top 5 Causes of Car Accidents

Nashville Car Accident Lawyer

According to CDC, the United States sees more than 32,000 car crash fatalities a year, the highest rate among developed countries. For alone,more than 1,000 traffic-related deaths occurred in 2016. These statistics show that accidents happen often, even in our country where road safety is a top priority. Thus, it’s imperative for locals to have the number of a Nashville car accident lawyer handy in case something bad happens while they’re driving.

How to Prevent an Accident

Many vehicular crashes have avoidable causes. In fact, these top five causes can easily be prevented:

Distracted driving.The proliferation of smartphones has made people more distracted than ever. Just looking away from the road for two seconds to check a message notification can lead to a collision. To avoid an accident, keep your attention 100% on the road. If you must use your gadget, do it for navigation purposes only and not to send a quick text or take a selfie.

Drunk driving. In , driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) over 0.08% is considered a DUI. Yet, many people underestimate the amount of alcohol they consume, so they still get behind the wheel. It’s not worth an arrest or accident, so if you’ve had too much to drink, grab a Lyft or an Uber instead.

Speeding. In Nashville, posted speed limits for freeways are 55 mph at the city center. Beyond that, it’s 65 and 70 mph. The limits exist for safety purposes, though some people tend to ignore these especially at night. Resist the temptation to floor it even if the road is empty. You won’t be able to brake fast enough when another car appears.

Aggressive driving. Recklessness like swerving and overtaking can cause accidents. The risk of hitting another vehicle is high with that kind of behavior. It can also anger other drivers, causing another problem: road rage. Once that starts, it’s hard to stop. It can lead to an argument, a chase, or even gunfire. Avoid all that by being a careful and calm driver.

Inclement weather. Nashville has generally mild winters, but summers are hot and humid. When it gets too humid, rain is likely to fall. When the streets are more slippery and less visible, accidents are more likely to occur. So even if you’re a cautious driver to begin with, be extra vigilant while you’re out and about. If the rain is too strong, consider staying indoors for a while if you can and just avoid the road all together.

When to call a Nashville car accident lawyer

Now that you know what the common causes of car accidents are, you can be more proactive in avoiding them. But in case you do find yourself in an accident, you need an experienced Nashville car accident lawyer like those at Pitman & Petro Attorneys at Law. Contact us at (615) 422-2222 for free consultations. We are available 24/7 to answer your call.

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