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Tips to Avoid Nashville Easter Egg Hunt Slips, Trips & Falls

Easter slips

Easter is here and that means the little ones as well as some teens and adults will embark on exciting Easter egg hunts throughout the greater Nashville area. Most of these hunts occur without flaw, allowing egg-seekers to have a blast and head on home with tasty Easter treats. However, Easter egg hunts also have the potential to result in some nasty injuries stemming from slips, trips and subsequent falls.

If you, your child, or anyone else in your party endures any sort of injury during your Easter egg hunt, lean on our Nashville personal injury attorneys for help. Let’s take a look at some helpful tips to avoid slips, trips, falls and other accidents during this year’s Easter egg hunt.

How to Stay Safe During Easter Egg Hunts

  • Mind the footwear. The little ones should wear sneakers that they can run in with ease so they don’t trip and fall. Make sure the kids wear socks in case there is a bounce house on the premises.
  • Explain proper egg-hunting etiquette. Teach your youngsters that pushing, shoving and stealing eggs from others is not acceptable behavior. Civilized egg-hunting lowers the odds of a fight and consequential injury.
  • Scan the lawn. Take a look around the grounds where the Easter egg hunt will be held. Remove safety hazards such as sharp rocks, plastics, glass and other potentially harmful objects.
  • Point out “no-go” zones. Identify areas in which the kids should not venture during the Easter egg hunt. From pristine landscaping to neighboring properties and dangerous spaces, make sure the kids understand the hunt’s boundaries.
  • Flag trouble spots before the hunt. If you notice any gopher holes, uneven surfaces or trouble spots, mark them with a flag or cone. Tell the egg-hunters to avoid sites that have been marked so they can avoid the terrain’s most treacherous spaces.
  • Tuck away loose wires. Loose wires have the potential to trip up a wayward egg-hunter as well as adults and anyone else on the premises. Tuck laptop, tablet, stereo and other electrical wires away to decrease the odds of a trip and fall.

Easter slips? Contact Our Nashville Personal Injury Attorneys!

If you or a loved one endures any sort of injury during an Easter egg hunt, you should not assume that the property owner bears no responsibility. In fact, a court of law might find the property owner to be negligent, meaning that they failed to provide due care for those attending their festivities.

Injured over Easter weekend? Contact our Nashville personal injury attorneys. At Pitman & Petro Attorneys at Law, our legal team can help 24/7. Give us a call at (615) 422-2222 to schedule your free consultation.

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