Thunk! You Just Slipped and Fell. Now What Do you Do?

Thunk! You Just Slipped and Fell. Now What Do you Do?
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Many Americans injure themselves during a slip and fall accident each year. Anyone, any age, can suffer from these slip and fall injuries. These injuries can include anything from a small bruise to a broken hip.  Ice makes your outdoor walk a risky adventure! Did you know that your slip and fall injuries have happened at no fault of your own? The laws here can get tricky. You need a great personal injury lawyer to help you get the compensation you deserve. At Pitman & Petro Attorneys at Law, we can help you get the best from your personal injury!

Common Slip & Fall Accidents

The winter holidays bring winter weather with them. Slip and fall accidents around the holidays often occur near the home, while visiting a relative or friend, or near stores. Public buildings and private properties can certainly be found liable for poorly maintaining their grounds. This is where a good understanding of the law comes in.

Slip & Fall Statute of Limitations in Alabama

Many Alabama laws and limitations can affect your case. First, note the deadline for filing in Alabama courts. Also,  remember “contributory negligence,” which means that somehow you contributed to causing the accident. Both of these can cause you to lose the compensation you’re working towards.

The statute of limitations places a time limit on when you can file a lawsuit. This varies by state and by the type of case you have. Alabama is no different. If you suffered a slip and fall injury, you have two years to make your case. 

Contributory Negligence & Alabama Slip & Fall Cases

Some states follow comparative negligence laws. This means that if the plaintiff, in some way, caused their injuries, their compensation may not be entirely dismissed. Instead, their compensation may reduce by a percentage of their involvement.

However, the state of Alabama does not consider slip and fall cases with any contributory negligence involved legitimate. You must have a great attorney prove that there is no chance you caused the accident in anyway. If your attorney cannot do this, you will lose your case. 

Contributory negligence may cause your case to never see trial. The person or property liable will fight to find any piece of evidence that you somehow caused your own injuries. This is why you need a personal injury attorney that understands Alabama’s specific laws. 

I Need the Best Personal Injury Attorney in Alabama!

Finally, it’s true that not every slip and fall injury will lead to the filing of a lawsuit. However, it’s always a good idea to keep all your options on the table.  If you think your injury claim will be resolved through a settlement, make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to get a proper and correct, lawsuit started.

Many slip and fall accidents will not be compensated. Many cases will never see trial. However, you want to make sure you know your options. Keep good documentation and all evidence of your accident filed and organized. And when you do decide to hire an attorney, you already know the best in Alabama. Call an experienced attorney here at Pitman & Petro Attorneys at Law today! We can help you get the best from your slip and fall accident.

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