Construction projects can be inherently dangerous. With heavy equipment, heights, and many moving people and parts, mistakes can happen. In Philadelphia, construction is one of the most dangerous industries for workers according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Transportation incidents, slips, falls, trips and contact with equipment or objects are particularly dangerous. When these accidents are caught on video, it can be horrifying but also serve as a warning. Let’s take a look at some of the worst construction accidents caught on video:
Lower Manhattan Crane Crash
In February of 2016 in New York City, a crane operator was lowering a 55-foot crane in Lower Manhattan during heavy winds. The crane broke and crashed to the ground, killing a man sitting in his car below. After an investigation, the operator of the crane was found to be at fault for lowering the boom at the wrong angle and failing to secure the crane during winds. Video
Shanghai Demolition Excavator Crush
On July 29, 2018, a demolition crew working in Shanghai misjudged the direction of a 5-story building collapse, crushing an excavator. Luckily, the driver barely missed the accident and wasn’t injured. Video
Alabama Smokestack Collapse
In November of 2015, an Alabama excavator driver somehow avoided injury when a smokestack collapsed on top of his excavator. Video
Kenya Mall Demolition
In yet another excavator accident, this time in Westlands, Kenya, a worker narrowly avoided disaster. In August 2018, during the demolition of the Ukay mall, a wall fell on top of an excavator. Shockingly, only one worker was slightly injured.
Charlotte Dump Truck Crash
Frequently, construction accidents happen while driving, such as this accident in Charlotte, North Carolina in August of 2018. A dump truck driver, who had just dumped a load at a construction site, crashed into an interstate overpass. The driver forgot to lower the bed after dumping his load, which crashed into the bridge. Video
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