Burn Injuries and Car Accidents and Attorneys, Oh My!

   Burn Injuries and Car Accidents and Attorneys, Oh My! A lot can happen during and after a car accident. Victims may suffer many injuries, all over their bodies. Often, these accidents cause bone breakage, lacerations, and even severe trauma. Less commonly, burn injuries and car accidents go hand in hand. Burn injuries can leave […]

Take Care of Your Mailman with These Slip and Fall Prevention Tips

   Take Care of Your Mailman with These Slip and Fall Prevention Tips Did you know February 4th is National “Take Care of Your Mailman Day”? Show your mailman you care by practicing slip and fall prevention techniques around your home. Certainly, anyone coming over will appreciate it! Pitman & Petro Attorneys at Law handle […]

9 Boating Dangers & Why You Need a Boat Accident Attorney in Alabama

   In January, boating may be the last thing on your mind. However, if you are an avid boater, you’re already looking forward to hitting the water (if you aren’t out there despite chilly weather!) Maybe you’re attending the Birmingham Boat Show the last weekend of the month. With a new boat purchase or an […]

ACL Recovery- How Long Until I’m Back?

Since your accident, you suffered from strange pain around your knee. Your diagnosis came in and you find out that you torn your ACL. ACL tears seem to be more and more common. Having surgery to repair it may leave your wallet hurting. On the other hand, ACL recovery time without surgery can lead you […]

You Suffer from a Personal Injury. What Should You Do?

   Incidents happen every day. They can range from slipping and falling or being involved in a car accident. Understanding how the law works will help you prepare in case of an accident. Involved in a personal injury in Alabama? Check out our tips below. What is Considered Personal Injury? Personal injuries are any injury […]

These 3 Common Mistakes Could Cost You Your Case

   Welcome to the world of personal injury law. We feel sorry you got injured, but plan to help as much as we can! Consequently, there are many different types of personal injuries. From slip and falls, to car, truck, or motorcycle accidents, it seems they happen more often each day. As you begin your […]

Multi-vehicle Accident on I-65 NB Causes Diesel Fuel Spill

   Saraland, Alabama (December 12, 2018)- Wednesday evening, there was a multi-vehicle accident involving a hazardous spill. The crash occurred northbound on Interstate 65 at Highway 158, just south of exit 13. Three vehicles were involved in the incident, including an 18- wheeler. A Haz-mat team came to the scene to clean up a diesel […]

Single Vehicle Crash Causes Passenger Fatality

   November 5, 2018- A single vehicle crash caused a passenger fatality near Mobile, Alabama. The two boys were travelling on Kali Oka Road. This was just north of Lazy Buck Road. The driver was nineteen year old Christopher Nelson. His passenger was Zachary Williams. The two were good friends. While Christopher left the scene […]

Hit and Run Driver Causes Deadly Crash

   October 16,2018- A well-known local teacher died in a crash caused by a hit and run driver. A violent man with a long prior criminal history caused the crash. Charlotte Skoda was 71. She was driving on Schilinger Road when Baly Hobson hit her with his vehicle. Instead of stopping to help, he did […]