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Steps to Take Following a Rental Car Crash in AL

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When you rent a car the last thing on your mind is an accident. Your thoughts are centered on your upcoming trip and what you’ll do once you reach your destination. Unfortunately, rental car accidents happen. If you are involved in such an accident, the best Alabama car wreck attorneys are here to help you emerge with justice.

Here is what you should do in the aftermath of your rental car accident:

Remain Calm.

Do not let your rental car accident spur a nervous breakdown! Stay cool and calm. Breathe deeply. Do not panic. Maintain a level head and take a look back at your passengers to ensure everyone is conscious and able to exit the vehicle. Try to look around the vehicle to ensure everyone can safely open their doors.

Reach out for Help.

Injured? Dial 911 right away. The rental vehicle can always receive repairs; yet the clock ticks on injuries to your friends, family and other human beings.

Document the Details of the Accident.

Use your smartphone to take pictures and video of the accident scene. Document the damage to the vehicles involved, injuries suffered by individuals in the accident and the area in which the accident occurred. If you don’t have a smartphone, use pen and paper to draw a picture of the accident including the area in which it occurred. Be as detailed as possible.

Write Down the Other Driver’s Information.

Obtain the other driver’s name, license plate number, vehicle make and model and automobile insurance information.

Flag Down Witnesses.

If there is anyone in the area, flag them down and ask them if they witnessed the accident. Even if they witnessed a part of the accident, their testimony might help your cause down the road. Record the names and contact information of everyone who witnessed the accident in its entirety or portions of the accident.

Obtain a Police Report.

A police report must happen even if no injuries occur. Call the police to have a police accident report generated. This is important documentation of the accident that must be submitted to your auto insurance company when making a claim.

Contact the Rental Car Company.

The next step is to contact the rental car company. This will be a difficult phone call to make but it is an absolute necessity. Keep in mind that rental car companies have been through similar situations before. Rental car company employees are cognizant of the fact that automobile accidents are bound to happen. If inoperable, the rental company must remove it from their inventory. They might set you up with a replacement vehicle. Furthermore, the phone call will get the ball rolling on the rental car vehicle’s repairs.

Contact Your Auto Insurance Company.

This is another difficult phone call to make. Tell your auto insurer and/or your credit card company about the accident. The party you call hinges on the location of the purchased insurance. Discuss the details as to what, exactly, the insurance covers.

Alabama Car Wreck Attorneys are Ready to Help

A rental car crash is a dramatic event that has the potential to alter your life for years or even decades to come. Do not attempt to travel this road alone. Our Alabama car crash attorneys are here to help you navigate the complicated and intimidating legal maze. Reach out to us at (256) 533-5000. Our office usually opens from 8 AM to 5 PM and we will also answer your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So, don’t wait and contact us today. 

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