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Share the Road Safely on National Ride to Work Day, June 19th!

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How do you commute to work every day? Likely in your car, right? But one man seeks to change that. Every year, on the third Monday in June, Andy Goldfine and other bike and motorcycle riders around the world swap four wheels for two as they head to work. For those that don’t have a bike or motorcycle to ride to work, the following are basic courtesies to follow to avoid accidents and the services of a Nashville car accident lawyer.

Riders & Nashville Car Accident Lawyers

On June 19th, and every day, practice the following courtesies:

Make sure drivers see you

  • Be aware of blind spots. Blind spots are often the number one reason motorcycle accidents occur. Because motorcycles (and bikes, as applicable) are so much smaller than cars, they can easily fit inside motorists’ blind spots when you merge or change lanes. Make sure drivers see you before you make your move.
  • Use your headlight. Even on a sunny day, your headlight helps motorists see you.
  • Flash your brake lights as you slow down and stop. It tells motorists behind you to slow down and stop, too.
  • Pass with caution. You absolutely have the right to pass a motorist on the road, as long as conditions permit it (no passing in no-passing zones, in other words). Again, make sure drivers see you.

Wear protective gear

  • Helmets, goggles, heavy jackets, gloves, and pants are absolutely necessary.
  • Bright and/or reflective clothing helps others see you.

Use “mental strategies” to stay safe

While you are more agile on your motorcycle than motorists are in cars, you’re also more vulnerable and unprotected. You can help make up for this lack by using mental strategies to predict what motorists will do and account for them:

  • Be vigilant and watch other motorists constantly. Hang back to give them time and space, and make sure they see you before you make any moves.
  • Give yourself plenty of time and space to move; don’t crowd. Ride in the part of the lane – outside, inside, middle – that makes you most visible to motorists
  • Signal well ahead of turns or other moves.
  • Don’t weave in and out of lanes.
  • Follow the rules of the road and don’t speed.
  • Pay attention to weather conditions and adjust behavior accordingly.

If you’re injured in a motorcycle-car accident, contact an experienced Nashville car accident attorney. In , you may share fault in the accident with the motorist or cyclist, but there is still a chance that you may collect compensation for your injuries.

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