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Slip & Fall Accidents: Facts and Statistics

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Slip and fall accidents are one of the most common reasons that people decide to contact a personal injury lawyer in Alabama. People fall down frequently, and sometimes the result of a fall can be serious. Many people do not realize how much a fall can affect their life until it has already happened. Know how serious the incidents can really by learning these statistics about slip and fall accidents.

1 – Falls Are More Common for Senior Citizens

If you are over the age of 65, you are especially at risk for a slip and fall accident. People are more likely to fall as they get older, and the falls are also more likely to have serious effects. Falls commonly cause injury  on the job for everyone over the age of 55. By the age of 65, about 30% of people will experience a fall over the course of the next year. The risk is even higher for patients in nursing homes.

2 – There Are Millions of Fall-Related Medical Visits Each Year

Falls are the most common cause of injury, and part of the reason is because falls themselves are so common. Almost every age range is more likely to get an injury from a fall than from any other cause.  Falls hurt roughly eight million people and cause visits to the emergency room every year.  Of those millions of ER visits, about one million are caused by slip and fall accidents specifically. In those cases, many people reach out to a personal injury lawyer to help cover their medical expenses.

3 – Slip and Fall Accidents Are Serious

Contrary to common misconception, many people end up badly hurt when they fall. Imagine a scraped knee or bruised hand. However, about one in every 20 slip and fall incidents leads to a broken bone. Still more of these accidents result in brain injuries, joint injuries, or spinal injuries. All of these conditions can have a massive impact on a person’s life if they are severe enough. These sufferers miss 10 or more days of work on average.

This lost opportunity to make money is only part of the cost of a slip and fall injury. The average hospital cost can be tens of thousands of dollars. Many people rely on a personal injury attorney to help them recover from the financial burden of hospital bills and missed work. Only a small percentage of these cases go to trial, so the plaintiff can normally receive their settlement quickly.

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