Personal Injury Claim? 5 Questions You Will Need To Answer

Are you filing a personal injury claim? Or considering filing a personal injury claim? You’re in the right place. After an accident and/or injury occurs, it’s important to assess the details of your claim so that you can share them effectively with your personal injury attorney.

Collecting your thoughts will not only help you determine the validity of your case but will also help your attorney gather the information he needs to fight for you. The more we know, the better we can help get the compensation you deserve.

5 Questions to Answer When Filing a Personal Injury Claim

1. How did the accident occur? What happened?

Recalling how the car accident or motorcycle accident occurred can be challenging and sometimes traumatic. Many times victims can’t remember what happened at all. Adrenaline starts pumping, and you go into survival mode, which often fogs your memory.

However, it’s vital to recall and document as many details about the accident that you can. Take photos of the accident scene and your injuries. Get a copy of the police report. Obtain the names, numbers and insurance information of everyone involved. If there were witnesses, be sure to ask for their contact information. Keep all your medical records and bills. Anything and everything related to the case may be relevant!

2. Why is another party responsible for your injuries?

In a personal injury case, we must prove negligence to hold a person or business legally responsible for your injuries. To prove negligence, we will need to show three things:

  • A person or business did something careless, illegal or otherwise wrong.
  • How the act of wrongdoing caused harm to you (directly or indirectly) led to damages, such as bodily injuries, medical bills, forced time off work, depression, etc.
  • The person or business who caused this harm or their insurance company has the money to pay you damages.

These three components must be in place for us to pursue your personal injury claim successfully.

3. Who did you report the accident to?

Were the police called to the scene of the accident? A police officer can serve as a neutral third party who is reporting on the accident as they have observed it, which can serve as great evidence for your personal injury case.

Or did you report the incident to your employer, manager or supervisor? If your on-the-job injury is not reported in a timely manner, it can make pursuing the claim more difficult. Always make sure that your supervisor is notified of the injury as soon as possible.

4. Were any witnesses present at the scene of the accident?

A witness can help support the facts of your case. If there were any witnesses, be sure to collect their names and contact information. We can contact them to get their side of the story!

5. What is your loss?

Whether you are seeking compensation for medical bills, loss of earnings, out-of-pocket expenses, punitive damages, or mental suffering, start a file with all your records, notes, receipts and proof of payments for anything related to the accident so that you may be fairly compensated if your personal injury claim is successful. Without these records, we will not have sufficient evidence of your loss.

All in all, answering these questions will give you clarity about the accident and help determine the strengths and weaknesses of your personal injury claim. Once you have answered these questions, hire a personal injury attorney to fight for you.

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