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How Long Does it Take for a Car Accident Case to Settle in Huntsville?

Car Accident Case in Huntsville
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When injured in a car accident, watch the length of time it takes to settle your personal injury claim, especially if you have mounting medical bills and/or your injuries have caused you to miss work. No quick and easy answer exists to how long your case will take, because all personal injury cases differ. Many factors are involved in the settlement process. Our Huntsville car accident attorneys can help explain some of the major factors.

Medical Factors

One of the most significant factors in how long it takes to receive a settlement is your own recovery process. The extent of your injuries determines your medical treatment and how long this treatment and appropriate rehabilitation will take. Our Huntsville car accident attorneys can’t negotiate a personal injury claim settlement until you complete medical treatment and recover from all the injuries you sustained in the wreck. The longer your treatment takes, the longer it takes to settle your case. While you may want to settle, if you settle too soon, then necessary future treatment may not receive coverage. Once you settle, you can’t come back later and ask for further compensation.

Insurance Company Factors

The behavior of the insurance company evaluating the case is another primary factor in how long your settlement takes. Insurance companies carefully investigate the cause of the accident and every aspect of your claim to find potential defenses and weaknesses that allow for a smaller payout. They review your medical treatment plan to verify the cause of your injuries from the automobile accident. This includes investigating your previous medical history and other injuries you may have sustained prior to the accident. Any information they uncover further complicates and delays your settlement and used as leverage to persuade you to settle for less than you deserve.

Fact Gathering

A third factor for settling your claim is the length of time it takes to gather all the facts of the case. This includes information contained in the police accident report; whether a moving violation was issued to either you or the other driver; and the sobriety or other impairment of all drivers involved. Witness statements also undergo review; as well as the extent of the damage to your vehicle and the cost of repairs. Alabama is a fault state, so fact gathering helps determine who was at fault, or legally responsible for the accident, and thus, the person responsible for paying for injuries and property damage.

Statute of Limitations

The statute of limitations is the deadline for filing a lawsuit. This deadline is important when you’ve been involved in a car accident. Alabama’s statute of limitations to file a lawsuit for injuries caused by an accident is two years from the date of the accident. However, property damage claims to cover your vehicle has a statute of limitations of six years. If you haven’t settled your car accident case in Huntsville within the appropriate time period and you haven’t filed a lawsuit, you could lose your right to do so.

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