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How to Keep Your Elderly Mom Safe from Falls

Elderly Woman on Floor

Falls can happen at any time, especially for older people. In fact, falling is the top cause of injuries and deaths for older adults, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Falls can cause issues such as broken bones and head injuries making it harder for an older person to take care of their daily activities or continue to live on their own.

In honor of Mother’s Day, our Huntsville personal injury lawyers suggest that just as your mother has always looked out for you, you can look out for her. Help Mom avoid falls with the following tips:

Check her medications

Some medications can cause dizziness or other symptoms that could make your mom more likely to fall. Talk with her about any possible side effects, and if needed, help her talk to her doctor about changing medications or lowering the dosage.

Make sure she sees her eye doctor regularly

Older people can be more likely to have conditions such as glaucoma that interfere with the good vision needed to help avoid falls. Make sure your mom sees her eye doctor at least once a year (more regularly if she’s experiencing a problem) and wears her prescribed glasses.

Make sure her home has adequate lighting

Your mom will need plenty of light throughout her house, especially at the top and bottom of stairs. Hallways and outdoor pathways should also have good lighting, and she should be able to easily reach a light before getting out of bed at night to go to the restroom.

Look for hazards in her home

Check your mom’s home for hazards that could make her slip or fall, including clutter, mats that slide easily when she walks on them, or loose steps. Fix these problems for her, or hire a handyman to do so.

Help her stay active

Staying active can help your mom improve her balance and flexibility, which will decrease her chances of falling. Exercise programs are available for any age and ability level, including some that are specifically designed for seniors. Tai chi and yoga are two particularly helpful types of exercise that can help increase balance and flexibility.

Get assistive aids if needed

As you spend time in your mom’s home, notice if she needs assistive aids installed in her bathroom, such as grab bars in the shower, tub, or near the toilet. You can also help her get a good quality cane or walker if she needs it for added stability.

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