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Hit and Run Driver Causes Deadly Crash

hit and run driver causes a deadly crash
hit and run driver causes a deadly crash

October 16,2018- A well-known local teacher died in a crash caused by a hit and run driver. A violent man with a long prior criminal history caused the crash.

Charlotte Skoda was 71. She was driving on Schilinger Road when Baly Hobson hit her with his vehicle. Instead of stopping to help, he did the opposite. At the scene, another driver was trying to help Skoda. Hobson got out of his car and stole that person’s vehicle. He then led the police on a hunt which ended at the Dollar Tree store on Three Notch Road.

After investigation, it became clear why Hobson didn’t stop. Fleeing a domestic violence incident at a nearby Walmart, he didn’t have the time. In addition, authorities looked into his criminal record and found a long list of poor decisions, including a fight with a family member and spitting on cops who were trying to shackle his feet. He currently is in the hospital with injuries sustained from his most recent altercation.

Authorities say that Hobson has two charges- manslaughter and leaving the scene of an accident. Following results of a blood test as well, his charges may worsen.

Meanwhile, Faith Academy, where Skoda worked, is heartbroken. We send sympathies to them and Skoda’s family.

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