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Excessive Speeding & Boating Accidents in Nashville

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The temperatures are skyrocketing and locals are taking to the water. This is the time of year when people load up the cooler, slap on some shades and enjoy a boat ride or fishing expedition with family and friends. For as much fun as the water provides, there is a downside in the form of boating accidents. If harmed in any way from another boat owner or operator’s negligence, reach out to our Nashville boating accident attorneys. We will review the details of your case and fiercely advocate on your behalf to secure justice.

The Many Causes of Boat Accidents

All sorts of behaviors and stimuli can lead to an accident on the water. In many instances, the consumption of alcohol or drugs results in boating accidents. If you plan on bringing alcohol on a boat, be sure to designate someone as the designated boat captain so he can safely steer the boat and keep a watchful eye on the water.

Often times, people lose track of their position on the water and forget to “sweat the small stuff”. Some boats captained by revelers or other distracted individuals slam into docks, other boats, jet skis, reef, rocks or even those enjoying a leisurely swim in the water.

A local boating group recently crashed their boat into a private boat dock. They were boating on Ft. Loudoun Lake on a recent weekend in June. The boat’s impact with the private dock sent the vessel into the air. It landed atop an unoccupied boat. Two of the boat’s passengers were detained. They told authorities they were returning from a night of partying when the crash occurred. The operator of the boat fled the accident scene. Authorities eventually located the boat operator. He was questioned, tested for sobriety and charged with boating while intoxicated. All three of those on the boat suffered injuries.

Reckless Boating has Consequences

If you endure an injury after riding in a boat and have any suspicion that your injuries, pain, suffering or damage to property is the fault of another person, you should know that legal recourse is available. It does not matter if the injuries happen because of a drunk or even buzzed boat operator. Another individual or organization’s lack of due care (negligence) that results in injuries, pain, suffering, property damage or death is grounds for legal action. The bottom line is that a boating accident has the threat to compromise your health, your property and even your ability to earn a living. In the worst case scenario, an accident on the water can take your life or that of a loved one.

Nashville Boating Accident Attorneys are Here in Your Time of Need

Boating with friends and family can create memories that last a lifetime. However, adventures on the water sometimes lead to accidents, injuries and plenty of pain. If you have been harmed as a result of another’s negligence (the lack of due care) while on the water, the Nashville boating accident attorneys can help. The same remains true for those whose boats receive damage as a result of another person or institution’s negligence.

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