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Driving Without Distractions: 5 Ways to be More Focused in the Car

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We love our cars, don’t we? We practically live in them. You might even think that you’re an expert behind the wheel – so much so that you can do just about anything else *while* you drive. But be careful. Distracted driving causes 8 deaths and 1,161 injuries every day in the United States, according to the CDC.

Don’t become a statistic – follow these 5 tips our Huntsville car accident lawyers put together to help you be more focused in the car while you drive.

How to Stay Focused When You Drive

  1. Make all of your adjustments before you begin driving.

    Get in your car, fasten your seatbelt, start the car, and make any seat and mirror adjustments before you begin driving – not while you’re driving.

  2. Turn down the music.

    If you must have music in the car, keep it down. You need to be able to hear traffic and other noises outside of the car to be aware of what’s going on so that you can react appropriately to situations or dangers that might come up.

  3. Don’t text or talk on the phone while you’re driving.

    Did you know that talking on the phone or texting while you drive increases your chances of causing an accident fourfold – the same as if you were driving under the influence? It’s true. It’s also illegal in Alabama for ALL drivers to text while driving. While adult drivers ages 18 and older are allowed to use cell phones, it’s still not a good idea to do so while driving. Pull over and stop the car before you call. (16 and 17-year-old new drivers who have had an intermediate license for less than six months may not use cell phones while driving.

  4. Don’t drive when you’re upset or sleepy.

    When you’re upset, emotions are high; you’re likely to drive more recklessly without even realizing it. Let someone else drive if tired or upset, just as if you’ve had too much to drink. And nodding off behind the wheel is deadly: Up to 6,000 fatal crashes are caused every year by “drowsy drivers.

  5.  Keep conversation to a minimum.

    Sure, carrying on a conversation with passengers is fun and a good way to pass the time. A distracted driver might cause an accident making it a necessity to contact a Huntsville car accident lawyer. In fact, conversations with passengers can pose a greater risk of distraction than a cell phone. Passenger conversations cause about 57% of distracted driving accidents, cell phones about 12%.

So save the conversation for your destination instead, and keep yourself and your passengers safe.

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