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Compensation for Depression After a Personal Injury- Is it Possible?

depression after personal injury
Depression after personal injury? Call Pitman & Petro today.

Compensation for Depression After Personal Injury- Is it Possible?

Personal injuries can alter your entire lifestyle. Depending on the severity, you may not ever regain the strength, range of motion, or pain-free lifestyle you once had. Coping with this can affect your mental health. Ever wonder if a lawyer can help you get compensation for depression after personal injury? Pitman & Petro Attorneys at Law have the answers you seek. We handle personal injury cases that include non-economic damages, like pain and suffering.

Depression Symptoms

Depression is a serious mental illness. Those suffering from it may show signs of sadness or tearfulness, as well as irritation, anger, and frustration. They can experience sudden weight gain or loss along with appetite changes. Sleep disturbances, either sleeping too much or too little, can affect sufferers as well.

Depression Strains

Depression can bring strain to relationships and make life much more difficult. It may be difficult for them to return to their regular social life, work, or school. They are suddenly unable to enjoy activities they used to love.

Injuries and Depression

Personal injuries can certainly cause depression. Let’s say you broke your neck in a car accident. You could be in a wheelchair the rest of your life, dependent on others and unable to continue your hiking hobby you had before the accident. This certainly can bring on depression. Make sure you have a personal injury attorney to help you as much as possible.

What are Non-Economic Damages?

The term “non-economic damages” refers to any compensation that doesn’t involve a clearly quantitative bill. Economic damages, the opposite, refer to things like loss of wages or medical costs. So, non-economic damages can cover things like pain and suffering or emotional and psychological stress. It can be difficult to connect your depression to your personal injury case. So, you need a personal injury attorney to assist you.

What Do I Do Next?

First, consult a professional about your depression. With proper diagnosis, treatment can begin and also be documented. Self-medication is not suggested to try to help your depression after personal injury.

Next, alert the personal injury lawyers at Pitman & Petro Attorneys at Law that you want to include your depression in your case. They will help you present it to the jury in the clearest way possible. You will want to ensure that the jury understands the severity of your depression and its effect on your way of life.

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