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Driving in a defensive manner has the potential to save your life as well as the lives of other motorists. Unfortunately, plenty of drivers operate motor vehicles in an aggressive manner, resulting in unnecessary drama and auto accidents. If you are the victim of such an accident, do not feel as though you are powerless. Our Alabama car accident lawyer will help you obtain the compensation you need to rebuild your body and your life.

You Have the Power to Prevent Most Accidents

The decisions you make on the road dictate your safety as well as the safety of surrounding drivers and passengers. If everyone were to drive defensively, there would be few, if any, accidents. The truth is a surprising number of people drive aggressively even though they are civil off the road.

You can do your part to keep the roads and highways safe by driving at or below the posted speed limit and taking as few risks as possible. Though you will never be able to control the behavior of others, you can watch other drivers closely and react in a defensive manner. Anticipate others’ actions and you really will prevent accidents.

The Basics of Defensive Driving

Defensive driving starts with wearing a seatbelt. Do not start your engine until your seat belt and the belts of all passengers are fastened. Even adjusting your mirrors to the proper angles qualifies as defensive driving. Once you start driving, keep your focus on the road as opposed to your phone, radio and other distractions.

Leave at least 2-3 vehicle lengths between your car and the one ahead. If there is not enough space between your vehicles, you are that much more likely to rear end the vehicle in front of you. It also helps to have an escape route. Constantly evaluate your driving situation to pinpoint areas where you can safely pull over and avoid an accident.

Perhaps most importantly, defensive driving is centered on monitoring your speed. Do not drive faster than the speed limit for any reason. If you find it difficult to keep up with the flow of traffic, drive in the right-hand lane. Keep your speed at or around the posted limit and you will find it is that much easier to react to other drivers’ actions.

How Defensive Driving Will Help Your Case

A focused driver who keeps his attention on the road is that much more likely to avoid an accident. However, defensive drivers are also more likely to prevail in a court of law. If opposing counsel cannot prove you were distracted, it will be difficult to pin responsibility for the accident on you.

Alternatively, if the other side can present text message or cell phone call records that prove you were using your phone at or near the time of the accident, it will be that much easier to characterize you as a reckless driver. Furthermore, if you made any attempt to escape harm’s way and your attorney can present evidence to prove your evasive actions, your case will have that much more merit.

Injured in a Car Accident? Our Alabama Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

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