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Most Dangerous Days of the Year to Travel in Alabama

Alabama Car Accident Attorneys

Our Alabama car accident attorneys know that a person can be injured in a car wreck any day of the year. However, there are certains times of the year when the chances of being involved are higher than others. Recent traffic fatality data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that fatal traffic accidents in Alabama increased by 4 percent in 2015 over the previous year. The NHTSA has also determined what days during the year are the deadliest for drivers across the United States, including Alabama based on a five-year average:

  • July 4 with an average of 118 fatalities
  • January 1 with an average of 118 fatalities
  • September 18 with an average of 110 fatalities
  • August 2 with an average of 108 fatalities
  • August 27 with an average of 108 fatalities

By using data from their “Fatality Analysis Reporting System” (FARS), the NHTSA has been able to determine which months are the deadliest. It comes as no surprise that the months from May through August are the deadliest for traffic fatalities with August at the highest averaging 2,747 traffic deaths. This time of year is when more people are heading out for summer road trips or visiting friends and family and traveling long distances. The deadliest day according to FARS’ data is Saturday with an average of 5,317 traffic fatalities each year.

Recent Alabama Traffic Study

The University of Alabama’s Center for Advanced Public Safety published their own traffic study this past November. This study found that the most dangerous time to be on Alabama roads was the three days before Thanksgiving. In 2015, there was a daily average of 460 crashes on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before the holiday. During the rest of the year, the average number of crashes is 409 per day.

Thanksgiving is actually the safest travel day because very few people are on the road and fewer accidents are seen until Sunday when traffic builds back up as people head home from their Thanksgiving travels.

Factors that contribute to dangerous Thanksgiving driving:

  • Reduced visibility because of the time change a few weeks prior to Thanksgiving as many travel in the dark, especially during rush hour periods.
  • Double the normal amount of collisions with deer during Thanksgiving week.
  • Alcohol use. Police issue 17 percent more driving under the influence citations.
  • 25 percent of crashes during Thanksgiving week included alcohol as a factor.
  • Seat belt use in Alabama: 25 percent lower during Thanksgiving week.

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