Do You Know these Common Hazards in Alabama?

Do You Know these Common Hazards in Alabama?
Tornadoes are one of many common hazards in Alabama.

Because of its geographical situation, Alabama is home to a variety of natural hazards. Everything from flash floods to catastrophic tornadoes make their way to this beautiful but treacherous state. Do you know what to do if you face one of these natural hazards? Pitman & Petro Attorneys at Law is here to present you with Alabama’s top 5 natural hazards and how to stay safe when facing them.


Flooding is one of the most common natural disasters all across the nation. Most states experience some form of flooding. Even so, the consequences of something so widespread and well known can still be devastating. Alabama, in particular, has more than the average amount of flooding.

Water in a flood can sometimes rises slowly, and this deceives people into thinking they are safe. If there is a flood in your area, do not drive through it! Turn around immediately. Find a safe, indoor place on high ground where the water will not reach you.

Tornadoes and Windstorms

While not incredibly common, Alabama has its fair share of tornadoes and windstorms. Tornadoes form when a funneling updraft in a supercell thunderstorm reaches the ground. Once a tornado forms, there is no stopping it. If you encounter a severe windstorm or tornado, immediately leave the area. Find shelter that is out of the tornado’s path. If possible, get underground, as you will be safest there.


Hurricanes, also called typhoons or cyclones, are a type of tropical storm that involves rotating thunderstorm and cloud systems. A hurricane occurs when the maximum wind speed of a tropical storm reaches 74 mph or higher. When a hurricane occurs, you should get as far away as possible. Chances are, there will be warnings on the television and radio. Keep an eye out for such warnings, and immediately take flight once you hear news of an imminent hurricane. There is no way to stop it; you can only seek safety.

Winter Storms

Winter storms in Alabama can bring ice, snow, and even hail. Because of this, you should prepare ahead of time. Make sure you have emergency food and water in your home, as such storms can knock out power lines. When winter storms approach, the best thing you can do is stay indoors. Curl up with a blanket and a good book and just enjoy yourself. Remember this: going outside in such conditions is incredibly dangerous. Never drive or even set foot outside when a winter storm is active. You may even get hypothermia if you’re not careful, so don’t risk your safety!


Thunderstorms alone aren’t too dangerous. However, thunderstorms are often accompanied by lightning. Lightning can cause severe damage to property and, if you are unlucky enough to be struck by a thunderbolt, to your health. When a thunderstorm approaches, you can usually hear a rumble in the sky. Keep an eye out for flashes of lightning. If the storm gets too close, you may want to consider going indoors and moving far away from the area the storm covers.

Injured by an Alabama Hazard?

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