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Alabama Motorcycle Laws: Lane Sharing, Passengers, & Helmets

Huntsville Motorcycle Crash Lawyers

Spring has sprung, and it’s time to hit the open road! If you’re like many Alabama residents, that means bringing the bike out of the garage, and getting out on the roads and byways of our great state.

As Huntsville motorcycle crash lawyers however, we do see our fair share of accidents and incidents, and we’d like to remind you about three very important aspects of road safety and motorcycle laws in Alabama.

  1. Lane Sharing Laws

In Alabama, motorcyclists can share the lane while riding, as long as they don’t ride more than two abreast. So you can ride next to one of your buddies; however, if there are third and fourth riders, they’ll need to ride behind you.

Lane splitting (riding between two lines of cars or between the lanes) is illegal in Alabama, and it can be very dangerous.

  1. Passengers and Motorcycles

If you want to travel with a passenger on your motorcycle in Alabama, you need to have separate seat and foot rests. Passengers are not allowed to ride pillion on the same seat in this state.

Passengers must also wear a helmet while they are on the motorcycle; no minimum age exists for passengers in the state, so as long as you follow those rules, you’re obeying the law.

  1. Helmets Required

In Alabama, the driver and passenger on a motorcycle are required by law to wear a helmet that fits properly. Choose a Department of Transport (DOT) approved helmet  that covers most of your face, to protect you.

Also remember that once you’ve had a fall with a helmet, it could be compromised even if it looks fine; so make sure you change your helmet if you do take a spill. After all, your helmet protects the most important part of your body!

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