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Don’t Mind Your Manners: Sorry and Other Things that can Hurt You after an Accident

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Car accidents are certainly unfortunate events. Yet, saying something as simple as “I’m sorry” can make the situation that much worse. Furthermore, posting on social media or attempting to cut a deal with the insurance company can ruin your chances of obtaining proper compensation.

Your best course of action is to say nothing to the other parties involved in the accident. Document the accident, obtain medical care for your injuries and immediately reach out to our attorneys to pursue accident litigation.

Why You Should Never Apologize After a Car Accident

Even if the car accident was fully or partially your fault, it is a major mistake to apologize. If you apologize for any aspect of the accident, you are admitting fault. This admission of guilt can be used against you in a court of law and ultimately sabotage your case. It does not matter if you were even 1% at fault for the accident; apologizing for such slight fault really can prevent you from obtaining compensation.

Instead of apologizing, your best course of action is to pull out your smartphone. Then, document every aspect of the accident. Turn on your video recorder to capture video of the damage. Record witness statements and obtain audio of the other driver just in case he or she admits fault. Above all, do not lose sight of the fact that neither party has access to all the facts. Even if you think you are partially at fault, you might eventually learn something (or someone) else caused the accident. So, do not apologize!

Do Not Post on Social Media After Your Accident

The other driver’s auto insurance company and attorneys will go as far as checking your social media pages after the accident. If you post anything about the accident, describe you daily activities or add pictures to a photo album that show you actively enjoying life, it will be that much more difficult to obtain compensation for pain, suffering, injuries, lost wages etc.

Even if you set your social media to a private setting, it is still possible for others in your network and friends of friends to access your page and get the word out about your activities following the accident. Something as simple as posting about taking a nature walk following your accident can make it appear that you are not in pain.

Cutting a Deal with the Insurance Company is a Mistake

Insurance company representatives start with low-ball offers in the immediate aftermath of an accident that appears to be the fault of their driver. It is best to leave discussions with the insurance company to your attorney. This way, you can focus on recuperating and returning to work while your attorney ensures you are provided with a suitable payout. Insurance companies are much more likely to provide a lucrative offer to an attorney than a comparably green driver who attempts to represent him or herself in negotiations.

Accident Litigation Might be the Solution

Do not assume your auto accident is simply the result of bad luck. Our legal team is here to review the facts of your case and pursue accident litigation. Pitman & Petro Injury Attorneys will fiercely advocate on your behalf to obtain the compensation you need and deserve following this unfortunate accident. Give us a call at 256-533-5000 to schedule a consultation. Our office is typically open from 8-5; we will take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, don’t wait! We look forward to hearing from you.

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