5 Tips to Strengthen your Personal Injury Lawsuit

personal injury lawsuit
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So, someone just injured you. Maybe they ran a red light and hit your vehicle, or perhaps they attacked you in the darkness of the night. No matter how you obtained your injury, you should know what to do next. A personal injury lawsuit can help you get compensation.

But here’s the rub:

Filing a personal injury lawsuit is not enough. If you don’t know what you’re doing, your chances for compensation go down. A lot. Once you file a claim, you should be wondering, “ How can I bolster my lawsuit? ”

So here are 5 tips from Pitman & Petro Attorneys at Law to help you bolster your personal injury lawsuit!

1.  Always Hire an Attorney

Some people think that representing themselves is the best way to go. In some cases, this is true. However, the moment there is an injury or property damage involved, you should hire an attorney. Attorneys will give you peace of mind while you recover, will deal with insurance companies so you don’t have to, and are knowledgeable about the complex laws surrounding your case. If you suffer from a personal injury, contact Pitman & Petro today!

2.  Document Everything

One thing you can do to avoid wondering, “ How do I bolster my lawsuit? ” is documenting everything. And we do mean everything. You should have photographs of all damages that occurred at the scene. You should write down witness information, along with any information you have on the defendant. Keep track of when the incident happened, what your condition is, how it progresses, and what you’re doing about it. So, if you ever think about it, write it down!

3.  Seek Medical Treatment

Some people don’t think it’s necessary to see a doctor right after an injury, especially if the injury is a minor one. This is a dangerous way to think. Avoiding medical treatment means doctors cannot accurately assess your injury. This results in compensation going out the window! You want expert medical professionals evaluating your injury. In addition, keep a diary of your injury, your doctor’s appointments, and any medications as evidence.

4.  Know the Damages

If you suffer from a personal injury, chances are, you might be thinking only about the short term. You are in pain, so you cannot work, etc. But you should also be mindful of the long term damages, too. Long term damages such as lost wages, extended pain and suffering, permanent disability, etc. all increase your compensation amount. So don’t settle for a check right away. You should know the value of your case before you settle!

5.  Negotiate

Chances are, insurance companies are going to low-ball you an offer with the hope that you will accept. You can always negotiate for a higher compensation amount. If they refuse your claim, however, it’s probably because they believe they have strong evidence against you. Even if your claim never goes to trial (because most personal injury claims are settled out of court), the goal of insurance companies is not to be fair to you. Their goal is to give you the lowest possible compensation. So negotiate, and make sure you have evidence to back up your claim.

Still Wondering “ How to Strengthen My Personal Injury Lawsuit? ”

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